Why ABC Feelings for Your Children?

Over the past 20 years, thousands have asked Alexandra, aka the Attitude Doc, and driving force behind ABC Feelings, why feelings communication is important. Everyone has feelings and everyone talks about them, so what's the big deal, right? Not so. In fact, many of us were raised believing that keeping a lid on our true feelings is more natural than communicating them, and we've learned that only a narrow range of feelings are available to us -- mad, sad, glad, etc. The result has been a virtual outcropping of adults and children filled with rage, loneliness and unhappiness, low self-esteem, broken homes and relationships, and left to wonder why and how they can change in a world that appears crazy with resisted and unexpressed emotion.

Thank you so much for these wonderful tools. By using them with my son, we were able to eliminate the deep anger and lack of communication of feelings he had retained due to earlier domestic child abuse. I am recommending them to all my friends who are parents.” Barry Spilchuk, Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Would you like to see your children grow up with magical thinking, an attitude of gratitude, no fear of failure or rejection, and honestly expressed feelings of love? Did you know that when children learn to express their feelings they are equipped with a conflict resolution skill that will be with them throughout life, that exploring and understanding how we truly feel is linked to substance abuse prevention and relapse prevention, increasing low self esteem, and character development. These are just a few of the numerous areas of life in which we experience radical personal transformation when we explore and communicate feelings.

We have used the ABC Feelings poster, cassette tape and book for over two years now in all of our 47 classrooms as part of our social emotional curriculum. Each and every one of our Head Start classrooms uses the poster in their "by myself area" along with the tape. We just added the laminated full-color placeman/mini poster in each room to give teaching staff a way to create another "quiet" place and appropriate activity for a child anywhere in the room.

Our program loves these socially responsible education tools. Our teachers will be providing additional feedback at the end of this school year. Thank you for the valuable tools your company provides. Sincerely, Maralyn McNally, Education/Behavior Specialist, Macomb County Head Start, MI


ABC Feelings have received many awards and endorsement in few newsletters:

         Dr. Toy Award

         The Benjamin Franklin Aware

         Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Aware

Endorsements in:

         Sesame Street Journal

         Character Education Partnership Newsletter

         Teaching Tolerance Journal


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