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In this issue you'll discover:


        It's June! Are the kids bored yet? Are you?

        When is your child old enough to be alone for the day?

        and --Summer Safety & FREE Pool Safety Drawing

        and --Healthy ideas for you & your kids

        --Education Alternatives. . .Something about Montessori, Next month--Virtual Academies, Charter Schools

        Free Montessori grammar bingo!

        Calendar for Dr. Delis-Abrams, "the attitude doc"

        How to order ABC Feelings Products

        What to do if you no longer wish to subscribe


It's June

School is out and many of our children have loads of free time on their hands. They've become accustomed to the routine of school, sports, and other planned activities. In the summer, parents have to juggle work routines and discover activities for their children and families to fill the hours while they're at work and during their own free time. I've already heard some kids express boredom and we're just out the gate to Summer! Kids can quickly come to miss their friends and activities, so what now?

Finding quality activities for your kids can seem like an awesome task. If you have children of varying ages, the right events for each can present special challenges. Local organizations and churches can be a great resource during the summer months for planned activities, and they often offer something for most ages. Some ideas to consider are: art classes provided by a local center, drama camps, summer camps, Xplor provided by St. Vincent d' Paul, Camp Fire Girls & Boys, Boy & Girl Scouts, and Red Cross swimming lessons. Review the local entertainment section of your newspaper for special summer activities for your children. Trade child-care time with a friend who works different hours. Hire a local teen through the college or Job Service listings. There are many responsible kids looking for summer work. Be sure to check their qualifications! If they've never done this before, you may want to interview someone else.

When is your child old enough to be alone for the day?

It's wonderful when you have someone at home to care for your children while you are at work; but for many parents this isn't an option. So, when is safe to begin leaving your children alone? There are no easy answers to this question; but if your child has been accustomed to attending an after-school program, sports, and planned weekend activities, chances are he/she is not ready to spend the entire day alone. Prior to middle school, staying home alone is simply unsafe as a general rule.

Children going into middle school often think they're old enough to spend days alone while you work, but unless they're accustomed to it, and you feel 100% confident they're ok, better think more closely about the options. Having some planned structure in place, along with personal responsibilities can help our kids transition into summer. If you absolutely must leave an older child alone, consider the following guidelines.

        Ask your child if he/she is ready to try part of a day alone. How does he/she feel about being home alone? Does he/she feel frightened? Lonely?

        Leave names and numbers for emergencies.

        Let a neighbor you trust know the circumstances, and ask if they would mind checking in on them.

        Have food already prepared so that cooking doesn't become a nightmare, and you don't come home to a calamity.

        Leave a list of responsibilities, e.g. chores to be accomplished while you're away. This list should include only things that are easily and safely accomplished while you're gone.

        Encourage your child's creativity by making sure you're stocked up on art supplies or by suggesting a research project reading and/or using the Internet.

        Minimize the tv watching time. It doesn't take long to undo a routine when a child gets involved in lazily watching tv throughout the day. It isn't good for their mental or physical health.

        Ask your child what he/she would like to do while you're gone. You might get some great ideas!


"Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him."

-Booker T. Washington, Up from Slavery


"Children love to be alone because alone is where they know themselves, and where they dream."

-Roger Rosenblatt, The Man in the Water, 1994

Summer Safety


Kids can think we're going overboard with safety concerns, and may become irritated with never-ending questions like. . . "Where's your helmet?" "Where are you going?" "Who's going with you?" "Put your life belt on." "Did you turn off the stove?" "Is the hose hung back up where it goes?" "Please don't leave the rake laying with the teeth straight up." As a parent it's easy to feel like you're on constant safety patrol; however, as you know, it's better to slip into your safety mode than take chances with your child's life. Following is a list of web sites with great safety tips, games, videos, and music. Your younger children will enjoy the characters and you'll be amazed by some of the statistics.


Whether they like it or not, bike riding without a helmet is dangerous. Here are some rules about how to wear a bike helmet:


Joan Bramsch brings us the following FREE Pool Safety Drawing hopes to save children's lives this summer. Enter our EXCLUSIVE EP Drawing.

Weekly Prize: a loud POOL-SOS Alarm! Water safety is a PRICELESS gift!

300 children DROWN every year in America. WIN a safe POOL-SOS Alarm!


For swimming safety check with your local organizations and public or private facilities for swimming lessons and visit PD Parrot for water safety tips at



Do you have any idea how many fires kids start every year? Nearly 100,000 fires are started each year by kids! Please visit this site with your child, and while you're camping this year, please show your child the do's and don't of spending time near a camp fire.


Maybe you have a young child who would like to become a Junior Fire Marshall. They can take an online quiz that they learn all the answers to at:


Here's a fun online safety game, and your kids will learn lots while playing it. It's called 'Hydro Hazard House' at:


Consider taking your kids to the local fire station. If you arrange it before going the fireman are usually receptive to kids as visitors and will give them the grand tour of the life of a fireman.


For more games, tips, music & videos, visit:


Did you know that 5000 kids ages 14 and under are treated annually in emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries? See


And last but not least---Sparky the fire dog lives on! He can now be found on the Internet and will tell your kids about the importance of fire safety


and --

Education Alternatives. . .Something about Montessori, Virtual Academies, Charter Schools

I almost dread saying it, after all summer just got started here; but it's never too soon to think about school in the Fall and to explore your alternatives. It seems like it used to be that plans for the next year at school were laid out for us without really thinking about it. Unless you attend private schools, public schools are ready and waiting for our kids to arrive, give or take a few days for start-up and completion. All you had to do was register your child and you were ready. It's not that way today. Many of us recognize the need to consider options for our children. This isn't intended to discourage those with plans for public school. In fact, the public school system IS the ideal environment for many children. Not all of our children learn as well in the traditional classroom, and not all parents are desirous of a public school environment or education.

Our friend Frances from American Montessori Consulting brings us the following information about Montessori education.

"Montessori allows the child the opportunity to explore concepts at his own pace. Perhaps, this is one reaso why the Montessori method hs been used successfully with a variety of children independent of their I.Q. Children across the board, i.e. gifted and talented, physically challenged and those with learning disabilities have all thrived in such an environment. Montessori is a wonderful alternative for those who aren't happy with the traditional public school setting, However, you need to be armed with some important information first. Spend time reading some of Maria Montessori's boks like The Secret of Childhood, The Absorbent Mind and The Discovery of the Child. Also, if you have the time, you should visit several Maria Montessori schools in your vicinity. If you read some of Maria's books, you will be better armed to know if the school is indeed following her philosophy and using her methodology."

If you or someone you know is interested in obtaining more information about the Montessori system of education please contact Frances Henderson at (American Montessori Consulting). You might also visit the resource center she provides at


Click this link to access your free grammar bingo download!


Next month we'll discuss Charter Academies & Virtual Academies as alternatives to the familiar public school education


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Health, for you & your kids


Summer is the perfect time of year to teach your children how to make smoothies; and, if they're too small you can show them how good they are to drink!

As a base you can use (remember, the less sweetener or added ingredients, the better):

Fruit juices, fresh or frozen

Rice or Soya milk



Ice Cream with Milk

Sorbet or sherbet

Blend the base in a blender with all different types of peeled, cored & seeded fruit, alone or mixed. Some ideas--bananas, apples, pears, berries, kiwi, melon


To increase the thickness and to serve it icy cold, add several ice cubes at the end and let the blender crush them up in your drink.


Kids love these, and will quickly learn to make them when shown how.

--and --

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