ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Dr. Alexandra Delis-Abrams


Alexandra is founder and president of ABC Feelings, Inc., an educational corporation dedicated to the emotional well-being of children. She has authored two award-winning books, The ABC Feelings Learning/Coloring book and The Feelings Storybook, part of a complete feelings awareness product line. Her most recent book, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Choices, is an inspirational compilation of feelings explored through an adult perspective and is currently available on her new website at The Attitude Doc www.theattitudedoc.com

Drawing on years of counseling experience and her dissertation, entitled, "Laughter, Enthusiasm and Joy as Healing Modalities," Alexandra, "The Attitude Doc," also offers entertaining and enlightening seminars and transformational talks. She is available for in-service trainings at your school or for your professional annual meetings. See contact numbers below to receive her complete media kit.

Alexandra radiates a positive, sincere and inspiring message through her word and presence. Whether exploring feelings in a first grade classroom, sharing thoughts with troubled teens, presenting a keynote address or counseling a client in crisis, she demonstrates a natural warmth, intuitive wisdom and an open, caring heart.

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